Every path of life has its stresses, and yours is no different. No matter your circumstances, home-selling shouldn’t be an added source of frustration. If you have a property and are dreading the selling process, we’d like you to consider Blest Real Estate Investments to take that burden from you.

For the majority of sellers, the home-selling process will take up precious free time that is already scant and mostly hard to find. We want you to be able to keep your free time for the important things and people in your life.

Imagine selling your home as a working parent raising children. You work most of the week, and save your days off for family outings and much-needed R&R. All of that will normally have to be set aside while selling your home.

After all, there are repairs that need fixing, walls that need to be painted, and the hole in the wall from when your son decided to ride his bike in the house…ya, that’s going to need some patchwork.

When the house is ready to meet the market, you throw out that fishing line and hope for the best. Annnnnd…nothing happens.

This method seems outdated and can take months or, in some cases, even years, leaving you frustrated and stressed as your old vacant house continues to drain your bank account.

So why not find a different way? Now let’s take a look at what your home-selling process could be with Blest Real Estate Investors:
…this weekend, you are set on getting your house sold. You contact us by phone or email on friday evening and are told that no repairs are needed; we will buy your house “as-is.” BREI can send our evaluator Saturday morning. He comes to your house, takes a few pictures, writes a few notes, and your part is done. Take the rest of the weekend to relax and spend some quality time with your family. Within a few days, you’ll receive a no-obligation offer in an email. Think it over and call us to accept.

Once the offer is accepted, we will have an expedited closing and usually, you’ll have a check within two weeks.

This method takes the waiting game out of the equation, leaving you with more free time and money in your pocket.

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